Dear friend,

I remember how I was before “all this adoption business” started. I was, according to my friends and family, considered at least somewhat “normal” then. After living in a foreign country for a year (during our international adoption process) and traveling in and out of orphanages after, something changed. I changed.

I suppose I am no longer who I once was. My relationship with God has deepened. He keeps motioning me forward; to follow him. I can’t say NO to him.

So, in-between doctor visits and school activities, conferences and family outings, I have become an advocate for the fatherless — the vulnerable and the orphaned – through my writing, speaking and nonprofit work.

I am a woman who loves God, and I am simply doing my best to live out God’s mandate to the Church to care for the fatherless every day, in every way I can.

Join me by praying for our orphan care ministry, Nourished Hearts, investigate different adoption and orphan care resources, and reading posts and books.

Together, we can care for the fatherless,