Nourished Hearts

The 700 Club Interview – “I Call You Mine”

It was quite the experience…

My driver, Humberto. We talked adoption the entire ride:)

I was flown to Virginia Beach, Virginia, on Thursday, November 29. After a lovely dinner at the beautifully decorated The Founder’s Inn, I went to bed early.

An early morning followed. I even had time to enjoy a little breakfast before meeting the guest coordinator. We drove to the CBN television studio.

After securing my things in the Green Room, I was taken to the makeup room.

Then to the Hair Salon.


Back to the Green Room for some water, then my first interview with two beautiful young women, The Soul Sisters.

Back to the Green Room for prayer and a few minutes of relaxation. Before I knew it, I was being walked to the Christmas (Live) Set, in front of a small audience.

As they tested my mic, I was briefed about the interview flow, and the countdown began…5-4-3-2-1.

I have little recollection of what happened next. I am so glad it was recorded so I could see what I said!

God is such a gracious Father. May many be encouraged to adoption and orphan via “I Call You Mine” but the interview, as well.

Thank you CBN, New Hope Publishers, and Immanuel Church (my home church) for your faith in our ministry, Nourished Hearts, and my inspirational writing, speaking and media. I thank and praise God for His provision, patience and grace.

The Ministry of Orphan Care

This week, I leave for the Odessa Oblast of Ukraine. I am thrilled to see staff and volunteers of the programs we support there. I wrestle with mixed feelings everytime I depart, and yet, there is a feeling of “second home” coming for me every time I arrive.


This time I travel with my friend, Robin. Together we will visit a church we helped build, visit the state-operated orphanage our ministry wraps-around, and spend time in the orphan prevention program for vulnerable children and families our staff operates. Your prayers are appreciated for our travels, our families while we are out of the country, and every encounter we have to show the love of Christ.

Following a part-time missionary calling is a different thing. Most people I talk with about it struggle to understand the work. I live with a foot in two world’s — sometimes hard to be fully present in either. I love what God has called me to, and feel honored to watch what our God does from a front row seat.

If you’d like to follow our travels, I will be posting photos and hosting Facebook LIVE events throughout our journey on our ministry Facebook page at

Thank you, in advance, for your prayers.

Peace & grace,


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